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I'm 18 and I might have an ovarian cyst? I'm terrified. Anyone with experience, help?

I have pain in the left side of my lower abdomen. When I rest it doesn't hurt. But if I start to move, it kicks up again. A few days ago there was awful sharp pain shooting up and down my spine and it felt like I was being pumped full of air. This must have lasted for... 25 minutes? Thankfully a heating pad stopped it, and I took meds. This pain was never experienced again. Actually, a heating pad has helped me a lot of the time. This literally started up on the second day of my period, and that's when I felt like I was dying because that's when the pains were unbearable.

My lower back feels like there's pressure on it. On top of that, I feel bloated and have experienced upper abdominal pain from that (somewhere near the left side of my ribs?), as well as experiencing very very mild loose bowels. I don't have any problems with urination or whatever the sort.

Oh, and if this is of any significance, I have never had intercourse, so I'm not pregnant. (Although for some reason when I google I get pregnancy results. |: )

My mother also had cysts up until it continued past her menopausal stage, in which she got it removed because they were still around. SO, I think I got screwed over in the genetic department.

And no, I have not been to an OBGYN. Ever. I'm trying to find one but I highly doubt there will be one available now that the Holidays are coming up.

I was born with severe anxiety problems so I'm freaking out. My parents are getting tired of consoling me because my panic attacks are too much for their patience. So I'm a little concerned about dying right now.

So can anyone help me?

I know you guys aren't professionals. But sometimes receiving input from those with experience in the field could be helpful.

-How long do cysts last?

-Does it seem like I have one?


-This isn't serious, right?! I don't need to go to an emergency center, right?

Also I apologize if this somehow ends up in a wrong category.

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    Cysts are a painful thing to have. You won't die from it as your mom can tell you! The pain comes from when the cyst ruptures when you ovulate. You do need to set yourself up with a doctor so you can monitor it though. Heating pads and anti inflammatories help. If you have multiple cysts, you may expect this pain everytime you ovulate-it depends of the size and type of the cyst.

    You are not born with anxiety though! That is a learned behaviour!

    As a nurse and someone who has lived with this most of my life-you get used to it. Don't panic-there is nothing to panic about!

    Get yourself set up with a doctor and they can help you lessen the severity of the pain.

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    Very good would be. Request a CA125 experiment and a CT test. I have level four ovarian melanoma that has had over 35 chemo remedies. Dr says melanoma is incureable. Get solutions now and get remedy earlier than matters development. I was once simplest forty three while identified. I had signs very similar to yours however I hadn't been to Dr in ten years. Only went while it grew to become wholly insufferable. Follow up NOW!

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