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how to fix script errors on youtube?

every time i try to watch a youtube video there is an error that pops up asking if i want to stop the script from running if i dont it may cause the webpage to run slowly, before i can click yes windows comes up with a problem saying that its searching for solutions to the problem and it asks if i want to restart the program, after that i click cancel and click yes on the script error and than i need to wait about 3 minutes for the webpage to reopen, ive searched for solution before and changed settings in the control panel but nothing worked, i understand that this is the programmers fault but it is really annoying, anything that might fix this would be very apreciated.

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    Go to Tools and select Internet Options

    Click on the "Advanced" tab

    Scroll down to "Browsing," and under that, check "Disable Script Debugging (Internet Explorer)"

    Also check "Disable Script Debugging (Other)"

    Finally, un-check "Display a notification about every script error."

    See what happens.

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    Youtube Script Error

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    Im getting the same message. Whats your browser? Im on Firefox.

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