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Does it hurt to get a tattoo on wrist? ?

I'm planning on getting a tattoo and I'm gonna get "carpe diem" on my wrist I just wanna know what it feels like?

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    PAIN threshold is different for everyone... U can take a pin or paperclip and kind of poke the area of the wrist that you are having it done... this will give you an idea of what it will feel like, but make sure you put enough pressure on it... (dont draw massive blood) but make sure you can feel it. I have two tat's and I loved each of them-- I am a wuss when it comes to pain, BUT did not have an issue with the PAIN, (discomfort) small tats are usually done within 35-55mins... Piece of cake!!!

    Source(s): own experience! :-)
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    Honestly those I have on my wrist handiest harm while going at the aspects of the wrist, it particularly wasnt that dangerous at the inside wrist and wasnt dangerous in any respect at the most sensible. But each individual is distinct and has another agony tolerance. Also a few men and women have got tattooed on their higher fingers, and cried. Then that equal individual has gotten a different tattoo at the most sensible in their foot that wraps round her ankle, didnt even transfer whilst getting it and was once truthfully gambling video games on her mobile cellphone. So particularly a few men and women even have distinct places which might be very touchy to them. I wish you didnt get a butterfly in your reduce again, or a playboy bunny, or the rattling cherries. Get some thing that has that means to you, that manner while you're historical and also you ought to truthfully give an explanation for what the tattoo is, you'll inform a well tale versus a dull one.

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    My friend got a tat on her wrist, and she almost passed out. Idk how good her pain threshold was though. I have Jeremiah 29:11 on the inside of my foot and it killed, but nothing terribly untolerable. It only took about 10 mins though, and if your only getting carpe diem, itll be done in no time, and won't take to long to the point you can't take it anymore.

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