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I think my mum is a terrible parent because of what she is doing with my sister?

Right now, I'm 18, my sister is 14.

My sister didn't go to school for a whole year. Mum said she had some sort of illness, even though the doctors couldn't find anything. She let my sister sit in front of TV for the year, eating endlessly and doing no housework to help out. She just did NOTHING, not even read. She went to school the next year (after being forced). This year, she once again is refusing to go to school. Mum just lets her stay home. She tells truancy that the sister is mentally ill and unable to attend school, while the psychiatrists have found nothing wrong except laziness. Still, she gets away with it. My sister has stacked on a ton of weight, is covered in acne, doesn't eat any vegetables or fruit, is really slow at thinking (never used to be) and doesn't do any housework. She just sits on her butt all day watching tv and eating, and eating, and eating. Sounds like the good life. I've just found out mum isn't making my sister go to school next year either. What do I do? It's starting to seem like child abuse.

P.s. My sister has no desire to go to school, she says she wants to drop out. Whenever I bring it up with her she says that lots of people do just fine dropping out at a young age. If you press the topic with her, she cries and runs to her room and slams the door or goes silent and won't speak to you. She has no real talents or skills, but likes horses.

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    I don't think I've ever heard of anything like that. I would honestly consider it to be some sort of child abuse. I can't imagine your mothers reason for suppressing your sister physically and mentally, its honestly very sickening. There is no way your mother can do what she's doing without there being legal issues, especially if a doctor can find no reason for your sister to not be able to go to school. I hope your mother will end this, that's just too unreal.

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    So what has changed with your mom from you growing up to your sister? Why is your mom doing this to your sister? Is it laziness on your mom's part? Why is she saying your sister has a mental illness, or health problems? Why? If you can figure this out, maybe you can trick her into getting your sister into school again.

    There's very, very little you can do in this situation otherwise. You can't force your sister to go to school. Plus, she won't want to go to school now because she'd be put behind because she's missed so much school. So she won't know anyone, which a teen considers DEATH. You can't force your mom to force her to go to school.

    You could maybe report your mom to the school district? I don't know if you can do that. But your mom can be arrested for this if the school district gets tough.

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    That could be a form of child abuse. But since your sister gets upset when you confront her about school, it seems like she does worry about it, but might be trying to convince her self otherwise due to no motivation.

    It's tough, but the best thing you can do I think is to go to child welfare and tip them off anonymously, or just go there to ask for advice. They will be able to help and keep track of your sister's well-being.

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