how can i get rid of my situation?

theres this girl ive been dating for a month now, her name is melissa and i love her to death and she loves me too. only problem is her ex boyfriend is a scumbag and won't leave her alone. He's cheated on her multiple times with the same girl. melissa had two kids with him and kicked his *** and ended up in jail for it. but she thought she couldnt get anyone else so she stayed with him while he cheated on her. finally she told him she was done being treated like that and she moved up to here to live with her parents. So i asked her out but the 2nd day she went back and ****** him and i asked her why and she said he sucked her back in saying im gonna break up with my girlfriend your the one i want, then after she did it with him hed say i was lieing im not taking you back. Ever since then shes been with me for a month now, but hes still trying to get her back it's unbelieveable, but its like he has a spell over her, she said she hates him but she seems to talk to him alot and he constantly tries to tell her oo im sorry i really do love you, come back with me. But he's just using her for sex, cause his girlfriend wont give him any. And i just want him to leave her alone, shes happy with me she said she wants to be with me but this ****** guy doesnt want her to be happy. How can i get rid of this guy? i told her to only talk to him when it's about the kids and nothing else. I just want to be happy with her and not worry about this asshole, any suggestions? you would make my christmas the best ever if you help me with my dilemma, and if any of you need advice ill try my best to give you something good. Thanks alot i appreciate it everyone!

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    9 years ago
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    Have you talked to Melissa about this? How you truly feel? Maybe she still feels vulnerable towards this ex, that she's not able to tell him to get away. Another thing she should do is get full custody of the kids, this ex of her's does not seem reliable. In the end, he does not seem like the perfect dad figure, since all he's expecting in return from Melissa is sex. What you should also do is get away for Christmas. It's the season to be happy, warm with your friends and family. Don't let this one dude ruin it for you.

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