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How to stop Ebay Invoices?

I have not sold one thing on Ebay, only bid on some items and ATTEMPTED to sell two items, but they both ended up getting canceled, and all the money was refunded. so WHY am i getting monthly invoices charging me around $10 every month?! I'm furious about this as they say it is a "free" site. I am most definitely not going to pay Ebay $10 a month for just looking at items. How can i stop this and get my money back??

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    First of all, eBay is NOT a free site, at least for sellers. It's free for buyers, though.

    You mention that you tried to sell two items, but you wound up refunding the money. THIS is why you have fees.

    Since the items were sold, you were charged a Final Value Fee (FVF) for each of these sales. So even if you wound up not completing the transaction and instead issued a refund, the FVF amounts still apply.

    You COULD have tried to get the buyer to mutually cancel the transactions, in which case you would have been refunded the entire FVF amount, but not the original listing fee, or any additional fees you incurred when you listed your items (such as bold text, etc.).

    So this is probably why you owe eBay $10. The reason you're getting one every month is because you still owe the money to them, and they issue their invoices on a monthly basis.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Me...I've been selling on eBay for WELL over 10 years
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