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Hair Bleach Questions?!?!???!?

Ok I am going to bleach my hair and Yes I already know its makes your hair dry and brittle but the thing is I have never bleached my hair before, it's very healthy and I have dyed it before but that was a year ago. My question is does your hair really fall off in clumps even if your only doing it once and haven't done it before???

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    No. Not in my experience, anyway. I've never seen that happen. I'm 17, and i do my mom's hair. She's been bleaching it for awhile, and it does make it dry, but the conditioning packet that usually comes in the bleaching kit my mom uses usually helps a lot. I think the only way your hair would fall off in clumps would be if you left the stuff on your head much longer than directed. a few minutes extra is fine, so you don't have to freak out about the time, just don't leave it on for an extra extended period of time past the recommendation on the box. You said your hair is very healthy, and that's really good. Your hair will be fine. if someone's hair was really damaged, and they already dyed it like a week ago, and wanted to dye it again, and left it on too long.. their hair might come out in clumps. But, i'm sure your hair will be totally fine. It's healthy, hasn't been dyed in a really long time, and as long as you follow directions, it'll come out great. Good luck, and don't stress out, from what you said in your question, you're pretty much the ideal hair dying canidate.

    good luck! :)

    Source(s): been dying my mom's hair for years with super good results. :)
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    Bleaching it from black?....It will certainly snap off and feature the believe of straw. Sorry :( You must absolutely cross to a salon to have this performed because it could want bleached greater than as soon as, you'll be able to consistently contact up your roots at residence afterwards. That mentioned, I'm now not even certain a salon could hazard bleaching dyed black hair to platinum blonde. It's now not as convenient as you suppose to get an in all places, even blonde color. If you dye it at residence it is going to certainly end up badly broken and a patchy ginger/orange color. I had platinum blonde hair and whilst I went to a salon to have it dyed brown they warned me that they would not dye it again to blonde for me if I did not adore it.

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    If you bleach it over and over it will fall out & your hair will be really springy and feel like hay. I'd bleach it and dye it a lighter color.

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