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Am I gonna die from breathing mold?

My room has a HUGE amount of black mold on the walls. I got a cold on Friday & the coughing phase has lasted for longer than usual. There is a huge portion of thick black mold, with visible water droplets, that is behind my dresser that was exposed today [only for a couple minutes] & right now theres a little bit exposed cause theyre gonna clean some of it. I'm only 14 D: what's gonna happen?!

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    9 years ago
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    Clean it as soon as possible. I lived in a room with bad mould for 6 months and I've developed breathing difficulties because of it which I still suffer from.

  • 4 years ago

    deliver the mould to a lab and locate out if it incredibly is the poisonous form.until then do now stay wide awake down interior the basement .mould is got here across everywhere interior the open. Its basically that for the duration of properties it turns into limited and would reason well-being issues. If somebody is already ill then they could attainable pass out until the outcomes come decrease back. i would not panic.

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