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Why won't my portforwarding on my minecraft server work?


Ive been trying to get my minecraft server to work through portforwarding for a year now and no matter what I try it allways, ALLWAYS fails. I have followed everything said on or what ever the website is called and nothing works. It's minecraft so it should be simple enough, and I know the passwords for my router and everything. I know my ip local and online, and I know 25565 is the port. But no matter what I do nothing works!!!

Would somebody help me?

The extra info you may need is:

When I log on I put in my ip no port number like ( and not ( as the working ones do, however I dought this is the problem as just putting the ip in works with hamachi.

I use the free microsoft security essentials virus protection, would I need to change any preferences in there to make it work?

My server works fine on hamachi so it's not the servers fault it's self.

Please help me, I'll try using the port as well as the ip (it had not occurred to me before) and post my results

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    (sorry I'm not good with computers, at least the technical stuff... but I have a question to ask you.) Do I know you? Because judging by confusedgirl's question you answered... it sounded like you had a situation like that. Not necessarily your self... but a friend. Not being a stalker, just being curious. I'm half sacred to ask who you are... because of the question you answered for me. But I will ask you anyways, just because I'm kind of scared not to know. lol! Does Darth_ordo sound familiar? Or does Mario Party 3 sound familiar? Or maybe a little game... a game that no one knows about... but me and this guy? If this is you... tell me later. I have my answers account on totally privet. If it's not you... just ignore this lol. :)

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    Nathan, First issues first the clarification for port forwarding is on account which you're in the back of a firewall (your router) and the clarification why your game isn't working for persons no longer interior your routers community because of the fact your router doing what it is meant to by potential of preserving your computers from assaults ( properly ... in straightforward terms plenty ..) I even have seen video and that i think of you're lacking 2 enormous steps. one million ) your host port (video 2.08) You do might desire to function the ip address of your computing gadget which your game is hosted at here besides. once you upload a port selection you're telling the gadget that even though connection is provided in from those ports, forward to those ports at that ip address of the sport server. 2) your new router Your router acts as a hardware firewall. Router is a community layer 3 gadget which stops community publicizes. here you will possibly be able to desire to open hollow (commencing up ports) to permit community communique to bypass via between your computing gadget in the back of your router and the different computers previous your router. while a communique is provided in on your router via particular port, your router will discard it (as a function of firewall) till it is familiar with the thank you to address (port forwarding). first factor first i think of you will desire the reflect the settings you have shown on your video on your router. it is broadly speaking the clarification why it quite works privately (on your inner community) no longer from outdoors because of the fact your router does what it is meant to.

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    You just asked my name on my question, its dayna.

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