Should i talk with her?

Hi, so there this girl that i really like, she knows i like her and just wants to be friends, so ive tried holding back my feelings, and so sometimes i come off as kind of hard when it comes to conversations with her, trying to keep her on the outside, even though i really want to let her in.

Part of me just wants to let it all out, tell her exactly how i feel, and all, but the other part of me is afraid it`ll make things even more awkward. She knows how i feel and doesn`t feel the same, but i feel like i have to talk to somebody about how i feel or else i`m gonna explode.

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  • 9 years ago
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    you could try and tell her how you feel incase she thinks your becoming very rude to her , if you dont you can e-mail me i know it wont be the same but it helps to talk . it would be good if yous still stayed friends and maybe she will come around

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