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What is the difference between North Myrtle Beach and South Myrtle Beach?

I'm planning on going to Myrtle Beach this summer. I keep reading and hearing that North and South Myrtle are different. I'm wondering what's the difference? Is South Myrtle the same as Surfside? We want to lay on the beach, go to the Aquarium, Wonderworks, waterparks, ect. Which one would be better? We don't want to spend all week in a hotel room, we want to do stuff. We don't party or drink. I know we will have to drive to get to these places, but which end has more things to do? Or which one is closer to these things?

Also, if you have any fun suggestions I would appreciate it. There's only so much you can find online.

Thanks!! :)

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    Hey Munchkin, you are on the right track and make the assumption everyone else does because of the silly city names. It happens quite a bit actually. :)

    There is no such thing as a "South Myrtle Beach". There is the city of North Myrtle Beach and a city of Myrtle Beach, two separate incorporated cities. You were right about Surfside Beach. It is located just to the south of Myrtle Beach. So I guess can can call that "southern Myrtle Beach" haha.

    At any rate, where to stay? North Myrtle Beach is the quieter of the two cities. Less traffic, less people, less partying, less crowded beaches (especially in the cherry grove area) more family atmosphere, and actually, in general, newer condo buildings. BUT, your main concern is proximity, right? Then Myrtle Beach has it. All the attractions you seek are in Myrtle Beach. The main ones in North Myrtle are Alligator Adventure, Barefoot Landing and Alabama Theater.

    In all actuality, it takes 20 minutes to get from Myrtle to North Myrtle, of course depending on traffic. Here is a blog post about it as well if it helps.

    Good luck!

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    As the above poster mentioned they are two different towns and roughly 20 miles from each center.

    There are a group of hotels now marketing themselves as South Myrtle Beach, these are located on the southern end of Ocean Blvd between 25th and 33rd South.

    Folks who live in Myrtle Beach may say they live on the north or south end, this has no bearing on North Myrtle Beach.

    The north end of MB with the exception of Lake Arrowhead Rd is mostly reidential with some resorts thrown in, from 30 North all the way south on the Blvd is built up with no residential on the beachfront.

    Any where you stay in MB will be fine and put you in close proximity to all the activities.


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    North Myrtle is an certainly city. there is not any city of South Myrtle coastline purely the realm of Surfside and backyard city. no longer a huge distinction between both (to boot region of direction)

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