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Factory Refurbished Nikon D7000?

I just purchased a refurb D7000 body from Ritz Camera last night!(: so excited! But I have a question about refurbished....

Can I still see the shutter actuation count from the last person who had it? Or do they reset it somehow? Also, any other information you know about factory refurbsihed from Nikon, or your experiences, are all welcome!


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  • Jim A
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    9 years ago
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    Factory refurbished cameras, I'm pretty sure, won't show any shutter count. Refurb doesn't always mean that someone bought the camera. It could have been over stock on some store shelf and returned - in which case it's never been used. But, since it left the factory it must be called refurb.

    Many cameras don't show shutter count. With my Rebel XS I have to have a special small program to access the data. On my t1i I have the photo counter set to continuous so that keeps track of the shutter count for me.

    Good luck and enjoy!

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    D7000 Refurbished

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    i have offered some refurbished cameras and they were high-quality. The packing boxes were tatty, in spite of the undeniable fact that the cameras were like new with each and every of the leads, chargers and batteries etc.. The acid attempt comes once you try to sign up them in line if Nikon accepts the registration then you definately are coated for assure and any cashback provides etc. The comany i have offered refurbished from replaced into SRS Microsystems in Watford (customary disclaimer). Chris

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