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How far along does it sound like I am?

I went to the doctor yesterday and by my last period they told me I was 4 weeks pregnant. I'm already having nausea (although it doesn't really feel as if I'm going to throw up), I've been having more frequent bowel movements and having gas. My breast are also tender, although not enough to be uncomfortable.

I just have a feeling I'm farther along, if I am16 weeks pregnant, would I be able to tell? Would my symptoms have started earlier?

Also, I just weighed 117 pounds and I'm 5'4, would I be showing if I was around 4 months?

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    Go with what ur doctor says .

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    If you had a pregnancy test done at your doctor office and they told you that you're 4 weeks along then most likely that is the case. If you are not sure when your l.m.p was they can conduct an ultrasound and do measurements to get an approx. due date and tell you how far along you are. Every pregnancy is different from one to the next and every woman will experience different symptoms at different times. As for me I am going through my 3rd pregnancy right now and it's completely different than my other two were. I didn't start showing until I was about 5 or 6 months but that's just me like I said everyone is different. While pregnant with my son I never had nausea but with my daughter I did and now with this one I do as well (having another girl). So you will feel all sorts of symptoms that may not be exact with how far along you are. A good book to own while pregnant especially if it's your first is called "What To Expect When You're Expecting" I loved that book when I was pregnant with my 1st daughter. Good luck on everything and if you think you are farther along just ask your doctor to do an ultrasound and tell him or her that you aren't sure when your l.m.p was.

    Source(s): I have gone through 3 pregnancies.
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