will mess up the performances?

well i go to special dance and i have a performance today. and my mom is going to be there. but my dad cant he has work today. and there is this girl in one of my ballet classes, and when she messes up the teacher yells at her at the same time at me. the teacher is very mean. when something happens like that most people come out crying there butts out.and she the girl has this problem in the first step i had that ballet class yesterday. and the teacher starts yelling at me and her. so i am a little afraid if she messes up again i would get introuble. but the bad thing is when she messes up she usaully messes up me because she gets in my way....and let me tell you its anyoing. i got really in huge teouble last time she got in my way..... tell me..... should i be scared or not scared????

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    9 years ago
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    Don't let yourself get false blame, if this girl is making you mess up then perhaps at the end of class you should have a quiet word with the teacher explaining that. Now, you wouldn't want to tell tales, so calmly explain the situation to your teacher and ask politely if you can change places, so that you don't have to dance next to this girl anymore. And Theatre Doc is right, you will find that your teacher may well behave entirely differently when there are visitors present!

    Hope this helps,

    BlackCat x

  • 9 years ago

    Tell your parents about it and have them watch for this behaviour. But when visitors are there, the teacher may behave quite differently.

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