Betting games to play at home with friends?

Me and my friends like to bet on random things when they come over to my house like who can bounce a ping pong ball into a cup first, blackjack, etc. What are some fun things that we can bet on next time?


Like different card games or anything else

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  • pdq
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    9 years ago
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    Play "Egg Russian Roulette"!

    Boil 5 eggs, and keep 1 raw. Refrigerate all 6 eggs so they're the same temperature. Put them into a bad that is not see-through. 1 person at a time reaches into the bag, quickly grabs an egg, then on the count of three, everyone smashes the egg on top of their head!

    The loser not only has to pay each person whatever amount, they also have egg all over themselves!

    If you want to go hard-core, have only ONE boiled egg, and 5 raw eggs! The winner is the person who pulls the hard boiled egg. Everyone else pays that person, and everyone else is stuck cleaning up after themselves!

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    Gambling Games At Home

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    LCR is a very fun game to play

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