Help! Urgent! Need to know what line to put on my hoodie by tomorrow 11am! please & thanks ):?

I'm just wondering what i should put on the back of my high school hoodie.

Orders got moved to one more day, last day, tomorrow.

I'm thinking about "Forever Young" (most people in my school like it, but somebody was right, they told me that it's a motto for people who arent young, but obv. i still am)

"Live Free" (I like this, but it doesn't seem to catchy enough, and people in my school don't like it too much aha)

"Keep calm & just live" (Idk, this might be too long and they might not allow it)

& i REALLY wanna do "DTF?" but i think i'd prob get in trouble aha, or idk, aha prob not.

which one do you guys like the most right now? and any suggestions?

I kind of wanna stick to the idea about being young, and not wasting your youth, and to just live it up.

I don't want anything to cliche, or cheesy, but try me ! I'm up for anything (:

Please & thanks.

Much appreciated !


Live it up's too cheesy aha.

2 Answers

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