What Will S.O.P.A Actually do to the internet?


Will it only effect the USA?

Not like Europe ...

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  • 9 years ago
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    Judge for yourself. What happens when the government gets involved with anything? My opinion is that since most of these web sites are foreign and they will have to censor the internet to stop piracy that it will ruin the World wide Web as we have known it regardless of whether or not you have ever participated in transferring copy written material online. you will still be punished because you are going to be limited as to what you can see or do online if this bill passes. I really do understand how much money artists lose because of piracy but my answer would be to let them police themselves. Make the sentences for getting caught tougher and if some one can prove that you stole from them then prosecute to the fullest extent instead of censoring and punishing all of us because of what a small amount of people do. Once again congress is doing what big business is telling them to do instead of what we the people want them to do.

  • 9 years ago

    The real question is what WON'T it do, & then some. The Stop Online Piracy Act is basically a way for copyright owners AKA Hollywood moneybags, bigshots & rich, greedy people you're never heard of to fetch off anything related with their Intellectual Property(Things like video games, any kind of Video game, of ANY kind, same with music, tv shows, movies, you name it) in any site, meaning places like YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Google even, will be picked off by this bill.

    While it may only affect the USA, this will also affect the World Wide Web, since popular sites originate from the USA, so just because you're not living state-side does NOT get you off the hook.

  • 9 years ago

    SOPA will censor and block anything certain companies deem unacceptable, it will make the internet less secure, and unbalance the delicate scale of power into other peoples hands. Here is more information.


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