What Kind of Motherboard would I want for graphic design and computer programming?

Ok, so Im building a graphics workstation for video editing, photoshop, web design, and pretty much everything.

I already have everything selected out, except for the motherboard. Im specifying parts off of Newegg and I have everything i need selected out.

I am also planning to write my own video editing program, photo editing program ( like Photoshop extended ) in c++ and i need help selecting a motherboard. what do i want to look for?


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    9 years ago
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    I'd suggest a motherboard that can support more than one GPU to make it future proof. One that has enough room of course, too. Also one that can support RAID, as data backup is very important with media.

    A decent amount of USB ports would be nice, too, if you'll be connecting USB compatible devices like cameras. One with USB 3.0 ports would be even nicer. Once again, future proof.

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    Programming can be done on "anything" but compiling larger multi component source codes with run time files would not be ideal on just anything. If you are doing everything in addition to what you specified a good updated multi core processor, 6-8 GB of RAM, an HD 1-2 GB graphics card (PCIe) would be best.

    I do not know things such as what you already selected and price range. A parts list of what you have thus far would help.

    But for the record and in my experience, you START with the case and motherboard then work your way down the list. Especially because your RAM and CPU must match the board. The case must also match the board.

    I usually do it Case, Motherboard, RAM, CPU, Heat sink/Cooler, Graphics card, HDDs, Disk Drives, A nice front side internal multi-card reader (with USB Ports) and then the PSU.

    I pick power supply unit last because it needs to fit the case, match the board and have adequate Wattage to power the rest of the components.

    Once you have all those pasted into notepad/word edit with links and item names you can review the list and really see the build almost come to be in your mind before ordering.

    Make sure you have a couple good Phillips screw drivers of 1-3 sizes you will need them soon.

    Source(s): BSST Certification in hardware/ electronics / networking. Comptia A+ Certified. Associates in programming. Applying for BA in information systems.
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    are not getting 2 x 650 GTX Tis. you're greater useful off with a single extreme end card like the 660 GTX Ti or 7950 Radeon, or for classes like which you would be able to easily be superb with one 650 GTX. I honestly have an identical build I outfitted for much less 2 yrs in the past and it nevertheless runs great. bypass 1600 mhz RAM. you are able to desire to wish to get the i7 3770K as a substitute center i7 2600K @ 4.6 ghz 8 GB 1600 mhz Mushkin RAM a million.5 TB Western digital Caviar Black HDD a million.5 TB Western Dgitial Caviar eco-friendly HDD for backup OCZ Vertex 3 ninety GB SSD Noctua CPU cooler ASRock Z77 extreme 4 motherboard Coolmax modular 80+ seven-hundred w PSU Nvidia 570 GTX video card

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    Any generic motherboard would be fine...

    For a workstation, buy a Nvidia Quadro workstation card, instead of a normal graphics card.

    And computer programming could be done on anything...

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