old man and the sea essay help?

my teacher gave me an essay to do during break and i just wondering how to go about it. i have a choice of 4 essays and i narrowed it down to three help me pick the best one and if you could please tell me like specific examples

1.conduct a study of the use of Light and Dark in the novella old man and the sea and determine whether or not their meaning of the book matches those of the "concept of nada"

2.discuss how santiago is an embodiment of both hemingway himself as well as the man hemingway hoped to be

3.prove that the climax of the book is not when he catches the fish but when the sharks eat it.

i apreciate all the help

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    2nd one,

    The novel is rich in symbols, sea ( life> the voyage, we keep on sailing, sometimes just do not know where the stormy routes lead, but life has its ups and downs, just the sea does abs and tides..., lurky, unfathomable, deep, endless, dark..). There are things that are not always visible for the common eye, hidden somewhere under the surface., well, if sg, is hidden it is positive or negative, i.e. a gift or a trouble, but the common ideology that if you wanna be a hero and stay alive, survive, you have to go to the end, the end of the road 9 later the climax, marlin eaten by the shark,,), if you bACK DOWN, HESITATe, you ( Hemingway, here, the old man, Santiago is going to be the bait, and simply surrender himself, no!, no way! once you started along a path, don`t look back just struggle and fight with tooth and nails to reach the top or the goal.Do not forget that there is a CAPITALIZED goal ( family, love, care, bravery, nobility) that will nourish you with stamina and volition.The marlin represents the treasure. Why giving the treasure to the sharks??? Because all that glitters isn`t gold. He got rid of the treasure, but at the same time of the shark 9 the big problem, the danger, also referring to troubles and difficulties in life).Sometimes sacrifice is inevitable to success and survival.Give and get.Santiago is a metaphor for Hemingway himself. He is open to challenges, day by day. ( as a creator, a writer). Again we do have a symbol...)days)., sharks, the predators can be, in this case be the embodiment of literary critics.Sleeping lions are "cubs' and Santiago adores them, symbols of possibility and being young( the old man finds consolation) they nourish him with confidence and tranquility an old man is longing for.

    the climax in brief :he marlin circles the skiff while Santiago slowly reels him in. Santiago nearly passes out from exhaustion but gathers enough strength to harpoon the marlin through the heart, causing him to lurch in an almost sexual climax of vitality before dying.

    Have a good night, sorry, hope I helped a bit, but I`m running out of time. so good luck:)

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