ebay paypal refund and claims question?

i sold a item on ebay guy got it claims its damaged not as described bla bla so i agreed to a refund once i recieve the item back to me as ebay says on the ebays claim. then he goes to paypal then files a claim so that he can get a refund on the item without refunding it to me what can i do to get the item back he is trying to rip me off by getting free merchandise. because paypal always grants the buyer the full refund and does not require the buyer to mail it back for a refund as ebay does

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    Sadly, this happens a lot.

    BUT, if you act quickly, you will only have to deal with one claim: the eBay claim.

    Call PayPal. You need to explain to them that this customer already has a pending claim for this transaction on eBay. Explain to them that you are trying to work with the customer regarding the eBay claim and that you are waiting for the item to be returned. Explain to them that you have already agreed to issue the refund once you get the item.

    There's a good chance (not "100% good", but still good) that PayPal will put the claim "on hold" while the eBay claim finishes out. PayPal usually tries to let eBay handle claims, rather than get themselves involved...at least that's been my experience.

    If PayPal holds off on this claim, you should still be able to conclude the eBay claim. As long as you indicated to eBay that you are willing to issue the refund upon the item being returned, you are still in the clear and it's really up to the seller to either get you the item (in which case you can do the refund) or NOT return the item.

    Now, it's possible that this buyer will still pursue the PayPal claim, even after NOT returning the item. If he does, then just contact PP again and explain to them that you already offered the refund once the item was returned, but the seller never returned it. Again, there's a good chance that PayPal will close this second claim in your favor.

    Just be as straightforward and professional about this when talking with PayPal. They appreciate that a whole lot more than someone ranting on the phone. I don't get that sense from you, though, so you should be OK.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Me...I've been a seller on eBay for WELL over 10 years
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    If the money are unclaimed, it would have a button next to the transactions information in Paypal so which you will click directly to declare the money. Did you deliver the article back yet? If he doesnt communicate English there ought to be some miscommunication. You do would desire to return the article first.

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