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Can a landlord make you sign another years lease?

We have already lived here for a year and signed the first year lease and the landlord never said anything about having to sign another years lease and he is saying that if we dont sign another years lease we have to move on the first of jan. because he wont do month to month but there are other tenents that are living in the same building that arent doing month to month is this legal? thank you!

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    He can not force you to sign. You can move out instead. He does NOT have to rent to you if you refuse to sign the lease. it is either sign the lease or move out, your choice.

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    YES! Just because the never said anything about a new lease before presenting one does NOT mean anything. Every landlord has every right to require a new lease be signed ANY time a tenant does not have a current lease. You could have never had a lease. lived month to month for many years & they still have the right to require a lease at any time.

    What any other tenant has or does not have has NOTHING to do with you. It is perfectly legal to let one tenant stay on a month to month but require another to sign a lease. I am not saying it is right but it is legal.

    You MUST sign the new lease or move out. You get no choice in the matter.

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    Legal and standard.

    He wants to have a commitment for a full 12 months to guarantee his income and his ability to pay his expenses.

    The only part he is wrong and illegal about is the move out date. He must give you 30 days written notice (in some states in some circumstances 60 days.) So if he's just telling you this now he can't kick you out by Jan 1. If he gave you written notice by Dec 1 then you have until Jan 1 to get out or sign the lease.

    Every unit he rents to is a separate contract and separate situation. He does not have to be consistent from one unit to the next.

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    What other tenants do is irrelevant. You go by what your landlord is telling you. He does not want a monthly tenancy. Only a year's lease will be accepted. The landlord is obligated to give you notice to leave as you are obligated to do the same so I dont know when he told you to move but it would be in your lease how much notice he has to give you.

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    Yes, he can require another year's lease from you. Your choice is to either sign it, or to find a different place to live. The landlord is NOT required to allow you to continue on a month-to-month tenancy. It's his property, and HE sets the rules for renting same.

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    Are you for real?

    If you first year lease is coming to an end and you don't want to sign a second year's lease, you have to move out.

    Surely you don't think you can continue living there without a lease.

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    Of course that is legal!!! Do you honestly think that you get to live on HIS property on YOUR terms??? You must agree to his terms to live in HIS property or you move out. Why would you think you would be entitled to live there as YOU see fit???

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    Are you in the USA or UK

    rules are different

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