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I am so mad!! I was at home minding my business I get a knock on my door,turns out to be a woman from fed x?

asked for me ,hands me a big priortiy envelope, I was curious so I opened it up and out fell a check for $2,500, I was so happy and in shock, looking at the check it seemed very valid it had come from a law firm in cleveland,ohio I was curious so I googled the place called and it turned out the check was a scam and the fed's are already on the notice..It freaked me out!!!!! has this ever happened to anybody else besides me???this is the first time I've ever experienced this ever in my life!!

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    9 years ago
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    Anytime you are offered "free money" assume it's a scam.

    The good news is you didn't lose any money.

    There are 1000s of idiots each year you try to cash the check, spend the money and then find out they owe all of it back to their bank. If they can pay it back, they still have to hope the bank won't do anything. If they can't pay it back, the bank hits them with NSF fees, closes the account, reports them to CHEX (so they can't open another account) and notifies the police that they were money laundering.

    PS, the scammer didn't even pay for the FedEx. He stole some company's account number to pay for it.

  • rtfm
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    9 years ago

    It's happened to a lot of people. There's usually five or six questions here each day from people who have been similarly scammed. Consider yourself lucky that you figured out it was a scam before you tried to cash the check.

  • Ryan M
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    9 years ago

    That is a VERY common scam. NO ONE sends people money in the mail that they did not earn. That alone should be a HUGE sign it was a scam.

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