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I need help with my body ?

Ok so i started working out about 1 and a half years ago and i wanted to have good looking abs so i started doing crunches and all that sutff then i joined the gym aand kept working on my abs.

But then i found out that if you have a lot of fat on your body (mainly on your belly) your abs wont show,they'll be hidden under all that fat.

One day i grabbed my belly and pushed it down and there they were! my abs.

What i really want to know is how to get my belly flat,i ran five days a week for almost 10 months but i still had all that belly fat.

I mean i am fit for my age but i really want my abs to show.

Could you give me like a workout routine or a diet or something?

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    you need a combination of running and weight training..

    do weight training first... 45-60 mins.. high reps..

    then cardio after 30-40 mins or less

    the trick is the weight training burns the carbs..... then when u do the cardio it burns the fat alot easier....

    then u train abs for 10 mins to bring them out...

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