What sub and amp to get?

Ok I want to get two alpine type R's for my 1996 ford ranger but Idk if it going to be to much power. http://www.onlinecarstereo.com/CarAudio/ShoppingCa... here's a link for the setup I was getting if I was only getting one sub. What should I do ? Or what sub do u guys suggest? Thanks

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  • 9 years ago
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    in a truck cab one sub woofer is plenty,im a rockford fosgate fan and run all there old school equipment but there are many other ways to go.just stick with name brand equipment you get what you pay for.go to eBay then car audio then single 12" sub woofer with en closer and a good class d amplifier.a class d amplifier is made to run sub woofers only,its made for the job.you can also go with a 4 channel amplifier use two channels in a bridged mode to run the sub woofer and the other 2 to power a good set of 6 by 9s some 4 channel amps can do this job without any problems.and you must have the sub out holes in the rear of your head unit,they must say sub out not RCA ins the RCA ins are for speakers only,you would use them to power the side of a 4 channel amp you set up the speaker on if you decide to go that way.the bottom line is you have to have the right head unit to run a powered system.it needs RCA ins and SUB outs in the rear of the head unit and it also has to have a remote turn on wire its blue with a white line on it ,this runs from the head unit to the amplifier itself the amp will have a place to hook it up remote turn on.this is the way your amp powers up and turns off with a turn of the key.hope this helps you out.

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