Question on my 2 male guinea pigs?

So I ahve 2 male guinea pigs. Toffy is a little over a year old and Hershey is almsot a year. They have been living in the same cage for about 5 months. When I got Hershey, he was half the size of Toffy. Now Hershey is a little bit fatter and bigger than Toffy. They are both males but Hershey is mounting Toffy and being more aggressive than usual. Hershey just wont leave Toffy alone. Why could Hershey be going this now???

Thank you.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Maybe,(I am a breeder of them)they are just playing or fighting.

    But the fact is they maybe acting like people,fighting over a cage.If you have a female, they may be fighting over the female.

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!-W

  • 9 years ago

    Well, for starters, they are both males. Even though they have been living together for 5 months, they will still fight for ownership. If you can, I would suggest getting another cage. Good luck!

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