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I'm losing all of my friends please help me :(?

Ok so last year I went out for the first time with a couple of friends and I bought some cigarettes. I then went to tell a friend of mine about it and he told his mum and his mum told my mum and a lot of stuff happened. So now the guy I went out with in the first place (who didn't force me to do anything) is now my only friend. I keep telling my mum that he is my only friend and that if I don't go out with him and his friends I will not have any friends. I swore to her that I will never do it again. Now all of the friends I had before are leaving me for some reason and they always go out without me and I'm worried. What should I do?

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    You should stick to your old friends. They seem to be getting away from you because you tried something that would harm you, smoking. The "friend" that you now consider the only friend is bad influence. Talk to your friends and explain to them that you will not do it again.

    Stick to those that actually worried and told someone instead of those that introduced you to smoking.

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