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One sub hits harder than two subs?

I had one 12in jl audio sub hooked up to a 400w amp and it feels like it was hitting harder than my new 2 12in delta subs in a ported box with a 1200w amp. I also noticed that there is a wire going groom the ground and remote on the amp to the other connection for the sub. Only the pos and neg wires from the amp are going to one connection to the sub. Only need one RCA cable to make both subs hit. I also only have wires big enough to run my old 400w amp ran through my car and the new system was might need more power? Not exactly sure what kind of subs they are but they look like this.


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    There are so many factors that play a part in how a speaker will sound in a car, the short answer is yes, it's very possible for one sub to hit harder than two. Depending on amplification, sub choice, enclosure style, enclosure build quality, enclosure tuned frequency, etc.

    So it's very possible for one 10 to hit harder than two 12s.

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    I could not understand your question.

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