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I've been feeling down and out lately. Help please?

I dunno, just feel like a loser. My friends seem to be drifting from me, I feel ugly and lethargic all the time, I can't focus on schoolwork. People don't like me that much either, but it's odd cause I'm an easy going nice guy with ok looks, good morals and I've got a good head on my shoulders. Is it me or them?

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    I know exacly how you feel! I've also been feeling this way lately. Just remember that everyone is different, and people will always be snobby or rude and decide to hang out with other people and drop thier old friends. I bet you feel forgotten right? Cuz that's how I feel too. Try to meet new people, it's really easy, just say hi to a random person you sit next to in any class of yours everyday. Eventually you guys will start talking and develop a friendship. If you want you can also talk to your old friends and ask them on an outgoing like to the mall or the park in the weekends. Tell them you feel like you guys are drifting apart and you wanna stay friends. And remember, keep your head up and stay strong. Good luck!

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