Taking A-levels, don't know what to take?Go to Law or my passion?


So in few months i will need to choose my A-levels courses (10th grade).Which will decide my future,branch i will go(IT,Law,Medicine,banking etc...).Im not best neither i was best at anything starting from my native language to math and chemistry.Talking about math i am horrible, im struggling from 7grade.I don't know what i want to do in my life(Carer to choose) but only 1thing i never tried:Law it's(something smilliar started this year) i think i could do it for rest of my life but i don't know if i won't get bored cause the worst thing to do is work what you don't like.And chances to be succesfull lawyer or anything that is touching with law is hardly imaginable without uncles in high seat.Second thing i just start to think about is Proffesional wrestling:the thing i was looking at from my birth earliest years spend secretly watching and doing thoose moves, gimmicks,entrances.

The thing where thousand's of people surround and cheer for you, music,victory,training-could it be better?Im from Europe so i never heard about wrestling schools here, but i know that there is ohio one in USA and few others who may "grant" you acess to the big scene.(WWE) but i think this path is more dangerous then studying law, how much chance that i would make it?Is it worth to gamble?

Plus i don't know if i could pay for foreign country college,unversity(cause where i live there's no many good quality ones)

Short:Try to study law, or try to go to USA and train to be Proffesional wrestler?Or to choose or look for different carrer opportunities?

Sincerely Simon.


Thanks all for answering so quickly,

Sorry for misunderstanding, i meant that i started something smilliar to law(very basics) i mean that i would choose History, English and my Native language etc. if i decide to go into Law but the biggest thing i am scared of is succes?how many lawyers, attorneys there are outthere, too many i guess.

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    I understand that there is a professional wrestling circuit in Europe. You need to focus your efforts on getting into that circuit, and making a name for yourself there, because you'll need a visa to work in the US, and you will not get that visa unless you've already had success in wrestling in Europe.

    I'd strongly suggest you do both of the things you are considering: prepare to enter university by doing your A levels, and *also* find out how to get into the wrestling scene in Europe. While you do your A levels, also learn more about the many careers within the wrestling industry specifically, in Europe, as well as the sports industry in Europe in general. I think it would be a wonderful idea for you, if wrestling does not work out, to work in the wrestling or sports industry. There are careers to be made in that industry, including those involving law. And in this way, you're involved in an industry you love, even if you yourself are not wrestling.

    Here is a listing of the professional wrestling promoters in Europe:


    If there is one in your country, contact them and see if you can do a work placement with them. Why not?

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