Restoring to factory settings?

I have a Asus Eee PC Netbook and I don't have the dvd or CD it came with. I got the XP Internet Security 2012 virus and it wouldn't let me connect to the internet. I rebooted it, and everything but now it has no icons, no windows start button, just the wallpaper. Help?

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  • alan a
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    9 years ago
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    Try rebooting a different way. Shut your computer off. Unplug it from the wall socket and plug it back in. Now turn on your computer and see if it gives you a start page once again. If it does not you may need to get to a computer screen that has the inner workings of your computer. Be extremely careful about using these next two procedeures. Procedeure one is to locate on your keyboard the key that has on it (fn) Press fn and at the same time up at the top of your keyboard press f1 Look at the screen to locate in a line of messages, locate the line that says (start Windows Normally) Now highlight that line by putting your mouse cursor on it. Now click that line, and let the computer apply the current version of windows. If you do not see anything about starting windows normally on that page, then click the x on your screen to close the screen. Using the fn key again, this time holding down the fn key press the f3 key on the upper row of keys on your keyboard. Now, look for windows start normal and click that. You computer should load windows or reload a new version of it. If that works for you, the first thing to do is to go to any search engine box. Type in the words: microsoft security essentials. When you see it listed in your results click it, then click download to load that program into your computers hard drive. After it loads, restart your computer, log in, and then look at your taskbar for a bright green house with a flag. That is the MSE icon. Click it, then right above the icon you will see the word open. Click open and see your new security system page. Look at it and to use it, just click the words (quick scan) and watch the screen on how many items it scans. It will remove the virus if it is in your computer. If your computer has not got the virus any longer the system will but in place technology that will automatically prevent that virus from getting into your hard drive of your computer. I have two computers and both of mine have download Microsoft Security Essentials. Neither of my computers will get any viruses that are operational. You need that system. It is free.

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