What to expect for 2nd c-section ?

I am 25 weeks pregnant , and I just had a c-section 10months ago with my first born. Did not think I would get pregnant so soon this time , then again I did not do anything to prevent it. I am a married woman, so thats no biggie there! Anywho I was wondering what to expect on the second delivery. I feel so nervous for some reason . I feel like my body hasn't had an adequate enough time to heal and this time may be more risky. If any of you ladies have been in this situation please give your advice, I would greatly appreciate it! thanks

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  • Jill P
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    9 years ago
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    I've had 2 C-sections, 13.5 months apart (my firstborn lived only 10 days, so we were anxious to conceive again). The first one was an emergency and done under VERY stressful conditions, as I was only 25 weeks along. The recovery wasn't that bad, aside from having to bury my baby while I recovered. But the second C-section was SO much easier. The atmosphere in the surgical suite was laid-back and even a little festive (vs my high-risk emergency C-section with 9 people from the NICU staff standing by), and I actually enjoyed the procedure because I was full-term and knew what to expect. The recovery was EASY. The day after I had my son I was up and around, showering, even tidying up my hospital room. A couple we knew had just a had a baby the same day as us, coincidentally, and at one point we went down the hall to "visit" -- she had had a vaginal delivery and was in FAR worse shape than I was, even though I had just had major abdominal surgery. She was lying in bed and I was standing in her room visiting for almost an hour, and this was the day after my section. After the morphine they gave me during the surgery, I never took anything stronger than ibuprofin for pain. It was a BREEZE.

    I hope you find your second C-section is the same. (If it helps, my MIL had 4 of them, and she said every one was easier than the last!). Good luck!

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    I had an adventure like yours with my first new child. Twelve hours of hard artwork, and epidural that did not artwork, and then a c-area. i'm now awaiting my 2d new child and characteristic been slightly stressful. chuffed to correctly known somebody else is. basically concentration on the reality which you do not would desire to bypass through hours and hours of hard artwork this time.

  • 9 years ago

    yes i was the same as jill p in both my csections. i love them

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