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is it weird to just start talking to a guy?

so i am a quiet quiet girl who does not talk much in school at all. there's this guy i like in one of my classes but we have never talked other than two times (yes, i am counting) when we had to work together on an assignment. we only talked about the assignment. i was too shy and didnt know what to say to start up a convo. I GET SO NERVOUS. we sit on opposite sides of the room but is it weird to catch him on the way out of class and start talking to him? and here's the hardest question of all: what would i actually say to him if it is okay!?!??


sad girl who does not know how to talk to a guy she likes

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    No, it is not weird to do that. That sort of thing happens all the time. Talk about school, sports, music, movies, books, hobbies, special interests, friends, family, pets, events that are happening around you or in your town.

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