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Do you think this song has potential?

My friend worked on this song for 3 hours. He is a 12 year old from Texas and he thinks t needs to be better, what do you think. This is the song,( PS I know I have asked this. His dream is to be a rapper and this is his first song.

(It is to the beat of nightmares of the bottom by lil Wayne)

Unknown playa bout to kill it on the track Arian foster stuff make you wanna run it back. Doing it for the green, like those chia pets grow.  I got the sickest flow, you love it like you romeo. Going hard for my hometown, gonna shut this beat down. Im putting in the work, Like dirk and d town. Stop.  I Got love for my mavericks, you can talk what You want because all I be  hearing  is static. This rap game is rough, yeah tough and tumble. The king is now battling, it's  a true royal rumble. I don't ever trip but if I stumble. I hit the ground running, but I never fumble. Shout out to Taylor and Mattie, Brianna and Allie. Dreamed about this day now it has turned to a reality. If they try to hold you back when the odds ain't fair. Keep your head  high and put that middle finger in the air.

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    Don't be a rapper it's lame and aggravating to listen to. Mostly it shows how much of a ***** someone can be. Rap is negative. It makes my soul negative. I'm not a violent or racist person but I just want beat rappers mouths in with a sledge hammer. Mostly becuase rap depicts a scandalous lifestyle. G unit get rich or die trying. It's just a bunch of pussified kids >acting< all hard becuase they have a group of people to "roll" with to make them feel safe. A true warrior stands alone. I mean who cares how many times you stumble and never fumble. It just shows how air headed an individual is. If you are going to be a rapper never give yourself too much credit. You should get into techno music and be a producer making fine peaceful music.

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    For 3 hours and being 12 this song is really nice now all you have to do is find the right beat to got with it

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