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What Cartoon am I thinking of?

I can remember a cartoon from when I was young, so sometime in the 90s that no one else can remember. It had a town/city that was floating above a big hole in the ground where and evil queen/witch lived with her henchmen and they always tried to get up to the floating town to take over. I cant remember the name of the hero or even if they characters were anthopomorphous animals or what. Help Me!!!

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    are you thinking of dragonball?dragonball z,dragomball gt?

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    I think you're mixing shows together.

    One thing that comes to mind is the movie, "Castle in the sky: Laputa", which was about a mythical floating city, supposedly filled with great treasure and ancient technology. The boy, Pazu, wants to find the city to prove that his father's quest was not in vain. Along the way he meets Sheeta who seems to have some mysterious connection with the ancient people who used to live on Laputa, and also meets a crew of air pirates, run by a wizened old lady they all just refer to as "Mama". However, the local government is also trying to find Laputa, for its own selfish reasons...

    There is another scene from the movie where Pazu and Sheeta fall into a deep mine and are looking up through a long shaft that goes to the surface. Perhaps this is the hole you're remembering?

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