Should I call him? I'm nervous?

A few nights ago while I was getting ready to head out, there was screeching sound from the street and I heard a man yell out. When I ran out the house, I saw a guy around my age (early 20s) laying on the ground groaning in pain. When I ran closer, I saw that his leg had completely snapped. A neighbor called the ambulance, and soon a huge group of neighbors came out to assess the situation. A kid on a motorcycle was speeding down the street and he had lost control of it and slammed into David while he walking home. While everyone went to see how the kid was (he only had pieces of his skin ripped off), I saw that David, the guy with the snapped leg, was alone and so I sat next to him and talked to him until the ambulance arrived. (I'm studying to be a doctor so I could take the sight of bone and blood.) I stayed with him until they drove off with him.

A couple days ago, I visited him in the hospital and he gave me his phone number. I thought I was just being nice in the beginning but...I just want to be near him and make sure he's okay (I think I have a crush. Sigh).

Last night, we texted back and forth and he called me sweet. (XD) He also said he would text me today, but my cell is dead until tomorrow.

Should I call him on another phone?

Or should I wait until tomorrow to text him?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Wait till tomorrow! Relax :)

    Oh and well done for being really nice and staying with him, i admire that in a person :) xxx

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