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How can I stop my new puppy (shorty bull) from trying to bully my guest's chihuahua?

How can I stop my new puppy 10 months (shorty bull) from trying to bully my guest's chihuahua? I own a Staffordshire Bull (Pitbull) who is male and I recently got a Shorty Bull that is female and sometimes my relative would visit and bring her female chihuahua here as well. My Male staffy pitbull always gets along with the chihuahua and leaves her alone but this new female shorty bull won't stop trying to pin her down and can't keep her eyes off her as if she was meat. Her head would keep wobbling back and forth as if she is confused or really curious. We command her to stop so many times and usually she listens to us when it comes to other things but she won't listen AT ALL when we tell her to stop chasing the chihuahua and pinning her down/attacking. Even my male staffy pitbull had to jump in the middle one time and growled at the shorty bull to stop chasing her but it was still a fail and would only last a few seconds. Any advice? The chihuahua is not aggressive towards her at all but is rather terrified.


Thanks for clarifying about the Staffordshire. It is my brother's dog but the breeder that he bought the dog from kept calling him a staffy pitbull so my brother insists on calling him a pitbull. I tried convincing him in the past what I read but then he convinced me to believe that maybe he was mixed. But i don't think that he is. Now I can show him this post and show him that his dog is really a Staffordshire only. :)

Anyways, We have been stepping in. The shorty bull is 4 times the size of the miniature chihuahua and the chihuahua gets pinned down.

Update 2:

Actually maybe my brother misheard him--- and thought he said staffy pitbull when he said staffy bull. The Staffordshire was given to him as a gift by his breeder friend that also breeds pitbulls too. I guess he breeds Staffordshire Bull and American Pitbull Terriers a well?

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    For anyone interested, here are pictures of "shorty bulls": http://www.google.com/search?q=Shorty+bull&hl=en&r...

    #1-A Staffordshire Bull Terrier IS NOT a "pitbull". The only "pitbull" is the American Pit Bull Terrier.

    #2-This sounds like puppy play. The 10 month old will learn where she belongs with the chihuahua. Just watch the play and step in if the 10 month old gets too rough. When that happens remove the 10 month old for a while and let it calm down.

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    Staffy pit bull ? There is no such thing !

    Staffordshire Bull Terriers are not Pit Bulls they are a TOTALLY different breed with different breed standard and temperaments .

    What they do have in common however as im sure you know is animal/dog aggression . Meaning they have tendencies not to get on with/fight with other dogs . Its in their genetics , its how they were bred to be

    Probably doesn't help that this;shorty bull (?)is probably some poorly bred BYB Dog , bred by people with no regard for temperament .

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    Serious firm and solid correction as SOON as it happens combined with giving the troublemaker a 'time out' in his crate.

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    training, exercise and socialization

    put on leash and control

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