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1) y am I so angry 2) I won't a brother or sister?

Hi I'm Megan and I'm 13

Y am u so angry?

I get angry over the smallest things and I get even more angry when o say to myself carm down I hate being angry I think I no y I am angry is because lots of loved one dying nearly at the same time but I have always been angry so can u carm me down ???

I won't a brother or sister

Hi again lol ok I never talk to my parents how I am feeling so this is goig to be hard for me. I really won't a brother or sister so badly and I would be so good with one but I won't to tell my parents that I won't a brother or sister. A couple of years ago my mum got pregnant but there was a miscarriage and every night I always dream about. Do wot I am trying to say is how can I tell my parents that I won't a brother or sister

Mum age is :39

Dad age is :41

Me age is 13

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    Its stress.

    And, just tell your parents.

    And, while your at it, ask them for a dictionary too.

  • Nancy
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    9 years ago

    You are stressed out and possibly feeling overwhelmed. You need to try to not concentrate on this so much. Just tell your mom and dad how you feel and maybe it will help you calm down since you wont be worrying about it as much. There is only so much your parents can do about it so dont blame them if it doesnt happen. Maybe they could get you a doll that does stuff a real baby does, if thats what you are wanting to help with. Then you could do those things, and it would help you feel better. Maybe you need to write Santa a letter asking him for one of those dolls. It might be to late to get it from him, but then maybe your parents could get you one after Christmas if you think it might help calm you down.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Just say. You know what mom and dad it sure would be nice if I had a little brother.

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