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Do you give your dog a bone ?

Do you ever feed your dog a bone as a treat ?

I do not feed raw i feed my puppy regular dog food . But once a week i want to give her a bone as a treat .

Im confused because there is conflicting evidence , some say you can others you cant .

Do you feed your dog bones , if so what sort and can i feed them to a five month old GSD

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    Yea I do but they're not raw. I give all four of my dogs Merrick G.I Beef Bones. They make a size perfect for all of my dogs including my German Shepherd Dog. These are not for eating, they are for gnawing on. I have NEVER once had one of these bones break or splinter. They just chew and chew and chew until they get all of the meat off and the marrow inside. Then I toss them out when they get bored with them once they get really old. They would literally last forever if I didn't toss them out but they eventually get bored with them so I give them a new one. They're much to big to ever swallow whole.

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    I feed my dogs raw and as said in my last response I give them marrow bones once a week.

    Forget the crap about not feeding dogs bones, mine have raw chicken bones, carcasses, necks, wings, etc. These are soft bone and do not splinter when fed raw.

    I have been feeding raw for 11 years with excellent results.

    When feeding raw (chicken or soft bones) as part of a raw diet these should always be preceded by a soft meat meal. No bones should be fed on an empty stomach (except of course the marrow bone for recreation).

    Have a look at which is a site I always recommend for anyone curious about raw feeding, etc.

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    I generally don't feed my dog bones, unless they are fake bones made of rawhide. The dog enjoys them just as much as real bones, and they are a lot safer.

    Dogs don't need bones. They can get calcium from other dietary sources (e.g. sardines or other canned fish), and I don't buy the idea that chewing on a bone cleans his teeth. A toothbrush and proper canine toothpaste are the only way to clean his teeth properly.

    Bones can cause a mess if fed indoors. The dog should be supervised in case of choking (mine tends to try to swallow pieces that are too big).

    I do occasionally give him one or two well-cooked vertebrae from a turkey or chicken neck that I have cooked myself. A couple of crunches and the bone is safe to swallow.

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    Neither I nor well informed, risk adverse people ever give a dog any real bone.

    Even without a disaster, they wear the teeth. Yes, wolves gnaw bones. They die long before well cared for dogs too.

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    My dogs routinely get beef knuckle or marrow bones.

    And despite what someone else answered, dogs can and do eat raw chicken bones of all types - dogs fed a raw diet get chicken parts regularly.

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    yeah just not chicken bones it can cause them to choke and die the reason is they tend to splenter off and get stuck in the throat. one of my dogs got a piece stuck side ways in upper part of its thoat i stuck my fingers in and pulled it out. give them soup bones if you don't know what that is Google it.

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    the key with bones or anything else the dog is chewing on is to observe the dog while he is eating it.

    When the bone or chew toy starts to break, fray, or splinter...take it away.

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    marrow bones or milkbones(treats)

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