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what did she mean like this?

i was at the mall with my best friend yesterday. We were in a store and all random shes like "why do you dress like a girl" im like what the hell haha. I dont know why she said that it was weird. I guess it was because i always had my hair up and i would always wear a sweater and yeah. Now i dress way different. I wore this really cute button up jacket and cute jeans with flats and my hair was down and i had make up on. But why would she ask me that?

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    Maybe she is trying to intimidate you because she is used to being the pretty one and you took it away from her. And she thinks that if you think you don't look nice that way that you will start dressing like you used to, and she can have the spotlight back. Just saying..but she might not be a very good friend for saying that.

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  • 9 years ago

    Maybe she doesn't like you being the pretty one , it might be nothing, but it sounds like jealousy.Keep putting make up on and being the girl you never were before(if that makes sense) and see if she is a proper friend xxx Hope this helps x

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    9 years ago

    Maybe you're taking attention away from her because your looking prettier lately?

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    9 years ago

    jealousy. Be whoever YOU are and wear what you want. it's obviously making an impression on her ;-O

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