What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

What is the absolute best thing you get to do on Christmas? Is it drinking eggnog by the fire? Building a snow cave and snowman outside with your family? Reading a story and opening presents? Share your wacky, warm, fun, and amazing Christmas traditions! Who knows? It might catch on!

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  • Amie
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    9 years ago
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    I have 3! Is that ok? :)

    1.Getting up at about 730-8am and going outside running through the coldness on the road with bells yelling "Merry Christmas,Merry Christmas" Over and over again!Then at the end we also go " Oh and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!" Then whoever actually comes out of the house from all the racket we made we give them some cookies my mom made...which our absolutely wonderful!

    2.Making cookies for "Santa"( my sister still believes) then eating them all and only leaving like 1 for "him." Every year we do it on Christmas Eve, not Christmas Eve Eve or today, always the same night!

    3.Reading the Night Before Christmas on The Night Before Christmas while sitting next to the fire with my 3 best friends ( we all live in the same neighborhood!)

    *1* Is my absolute favorite though!

  • 4 years ago

    I even have in many circumstances used those 2 kin's because of the fact i improve right into a million yrs previous. So, each Christmas Eve at 6:00pm my comprehensive kin pass to a sort of kin's residences, there is me, i'm 13 and my different pal, he's 13 too, yet another pal she's very very nearly 13, my sister, she's only became 11 and my sisters appropriate pal she's 10. Any way all of us positioned on gruesome Christmas jumpers and antlers and Santa hats, we consume Christmas cookies and candy canes, dance and sing to tacky Christmas songs, watch elf and residing house on my own a million&2 (the right Christmas video clips). We in many circumstances have an remarkable time on an analogous time as our mothers and fathers are all down stairs.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Lasagna and movies on TV. Taking the daughter to see Santa on the fire truck out in front of the house on Christmas Morning,

  • 9 years ago

    Making cookies then eating them.

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