Looking for anime battle scenes?

I'm look for three specific parts related to battle scenes.

The most important one is the "in the heat of battle" so to speak, the: I can do it, I wont lose, rising from the ashes/after a beat down, getting up and staring down their enemy when the enemy thinks the hero is going to lose.

Second are scenes about like friends/anyone cheering them on, telling them get up, fight, you can do it, we believe in you so sort of.

Lastly is the doubt scenes, fear, crying, maybe training. This one is not that important though.

Doesn't matter what type of anime, and being as specific as possible would be a big help, but an episode number at least is still greatly appreciated c:

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  • Sarah
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    9 years ago
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    The first scene:

    'I can do it after being beaten down'

    Anime: Bleach

    Episode: 165-167 I think

    Any of Ichigo's fights! You can do when Ichigo fight Grimmjow and appears like he is going to die but then hits him with a come back and wins!

    The second scene:

    'You can do it!'

    Anime: Naruto

    Episode: 46-47

    When Hinata is being beaten down by her cousin Neji (during the preliminary rounds) and Naruto cheers her on. While every one thinks low of her.

    The third scene:

    Fear, crying, doubt....

    Anime: Naruto Shippuden

    Episode: 166 Shippuden

    When Hinata sacrifices herself to save Naruto.

    Anime: Bleach

    Episode: 307-309

    Gin dies because he was pretending to be evil when in reality he was trying to kill the man that made his childhood friend cry! Very sad!!!!!!

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  • sturms
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    4 years ago

    Inuyasha Naruto + Shippuden Vampire Knight (ok, no longer THAT many yet AWSOME Vampire sucking blood stuff xDD My fave anime 'D) Elfen Lied Trigun GunGrave D.gray-guy darker than black black lagoon reborn cowboy bebop samurai champloo ghost contained in the shell: stand on my own complicated tekkaman blade DBZ lack of life note ghost hound hero thoughts afro samurai hell woman Kekkaishi

  • 9 years ago

    1) a)Bleach- Ichigo vs Kenpachi episodes 38-40

    He is kicked down but wins

    B)yu yu hakusho Fighting the leader of saint beasts. Episode 21

    Uses his own life force to win.

    C) also ichicgo vs byakuya

    2)a) bleach episode 200? Ichigo vs grimmjow

    He has no more fighting spirit until orihime tells him not the die

    B) historys strongest disciple. Whenever miu tells kenichi to win he does.

    C)One piece- after he fights to cheetah guy. I forgot his name. At enies lobby

    3)a) ichigo vs aizen. The entire time from first encounter after fall of court guard to when he defeats aizen. Kind of includes all three at one point.


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  • Battle between diva and saya in blood plus.

    In drzgon ball z all the battle scenes

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