Could you give me more opinions on a few football leagues?

I'm currently following the EPL (Spurs), La Liga (Barcelona), Serie A (Milan), Bundesliga (Bayern), Ligue 1 (Marseille), Liga de Sagres (Porto), and Eredivisie (Ajax). But I'm also interested in a few other leagues as well, such as:

1. Superleague Greece

2. Primera Division de Mexico

3. Scottish Premier League

4. Ukrainian Premier League

5. MLS

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    I dont like MLS they have no passion for the sport

    I follow FMF Mexican Primera Division they have so much passion for the sport And he league is unpredictable it can come from Young 17 year olds scoring to a team that hardly wins winning a championship its incredible but righ now they arent playing the seasons over but i would definately check them out if i were you =)

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    i follow MLS but as well as EPL only because i love the columbus crew but there is not nearly as much talent in the MLS as there is in any Premier League

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