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Are too many knots bad for your hair?

My hair is wavy and curly, and definitely healthy, but today my friend was french braiding it for me she told me that it was too knotty! I was running my fingers through it and it actually was kinda knotted on the ends. SO, although this is kind of a dumb question, are little knots like that bad for your hair? Should i do something different to prevent that?! Is this an indication that my hair is unhealthy (on the ends?)

Its length is about to my underarms, if that helps :)


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    i woulnt say its bad but dirt and stuff can get trapped. try smothering the ends of your hair with a conditioner for curly or wavy hair then take a wide tooth comb and work your way through your hair adding more conditioner if you need to this should detangle your hair nicely maby get it trimmed regularly aswell.

    Source(s): my hair used to be like that!
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    9 years ago

    Yes it is bad for your hair. Try it's a 10 detangler. Hope I could help!

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