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Upgrading RAM on Macbook White Unibody (Late 2009)?

I am planning on upgrading my macbook's RAM, but have a few questions.

I know RAM does not remove any files when upgraded, but are there any disadvantages of upgrading?

I'm not upgrading just because I can, but because I actually know why I need more RAM. I currently have 2 GB of memory and plan on upgrading to 4 GB (About $30) or 8 GB (About $50). I am willing to spend the $50, but I wanted someone else's opinion on how much I should get. I use my macbook for school work, web browsing, and gaming mostly, and I host servers on some games. I might buy the RAM from

if I can. Do you have any suggestions on where I can get a better deal and/or better quality? If you have any questions that could help you help me, email me at

Thank you, Chaz.


Thanks for the answer, Vomit. I was considering Newegg (I've bought a PC there before) I just didn't know if OWC was worth buying from. Thanks for the additional information :)

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    I've had bad luck with OWC. Buy from Newegg. They have a section specifically for Mac memory if you're worried. Get a DDR3 1066 kit and you're fine. Might as well go for 8GB. It's dirt cheap these days.

    Disadvantages? It costs a little money. That's about it.

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