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What does your username mean?

And whats your Sun and rising sign?

Mine is my favorite song 'Drops of Jupiter' by Train,I love it :)


@Seoh.,aww thats great :) love your avatar

Update 2:

@Seoh.,aww thats great :) love your avatar

Update 3:

@Wall flower,aww :) kind of understand that,its cool

@Ef yeah,I remember you :) you are so changeable

Update 4:

thanks everyone ^^

Update 5:

@Ef yeah,must be ^^

@The Undertaker,very interesting... WWE

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    I was wondering what your ID username means LOL cool it's a song :)

    My username is a fixed star Acrux (Alpha Crux). It's the rising star in my birth chart.

    means my Scorpio Ascendant conjunct this star when I was born.

    it describes me to a tee. no longer religious, but I used to be. I always want what is 'fair'. not planning to be astrologer but I study astrology and occult. Occult = hidden.

  • 9 years ago

    My current one is a cartoon character from the old Rocky and Bullwinkle series.

    Fearless Leader is the dictator of the fictional nation of Pottsylvania, and the employer of the inept spies Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale.

    As expected from his given position and name, Fearless Leader is a strict, ruthless character, and often harshly criticizes the incompetence of his main minion Boris. He is usually shown with a long scar on his cheek. He is distrustful of his own government employees, and is known to carry the Pottsylvania treasury with him wherever he goes. Although Pottsylvania's chief spies are given ersatz Russian accents, Fearless Leader's accent seems more in keeping with the German stereotype. In fact, his sharply-angled features were taken directly from an anti-Nazi propaganda poster that had circulated during World War II. He uses some German such as "Achtung" and "Schweinhund."

  • 9 years ago

    I have an addiction to I CAN HAZ CEEZBURGER? or otherwise known as, LOLCATS, MEMEBASE, and FAILBLOG.

    F*ck Yeah guy, also known as Close Enough guy, is a featured character on MEMEBASE.

    I have a problem, I know... :)> My past names reflected my wedding coming closer, finally happening, then done and over with. You may remember me as being Can't Wait!, Finally!, and Mrs. Frankenstein. I decided to do something fun :)

    Edit: Must be my damn Mutable placement, LOL... :)>

    Source(s): Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Rising
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    My name is Keila. Everyone calls me Kei, hence my username. The name Keila(h) itself is Hebrew and it means "citadel." It is the correct way to spell Kayla.

    I'm Gemini Sun, Taurus Rising.

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  • 9 years ago

    that I'm obviously a very precious, sparkly and valuable Scorpion and I have a Gemini moon that makes me lovable and loving, hence the heart. :)

    btw I love that song, Drops of Jupiter!

    Scorpio sun

    Capricorn rising

  • 9 years ago

    "A type of loner. Seemingly shy folks who no one really knows. Often some of the most interesting people if one actually talks to them."

    Sounds rather emo, doesn't it? x3

    Taurus Sun, Libra Rising.

  • 9 years ago

    Axaminer is my username. Means to examine situations descively and workout the forces that generate them

  • Kidd
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    9 years ago

    It's just my last name and just what I go by online. No one seems to think it's my real name and most think I'm lying when I say so, lol.

    I'm a Scorpio sun, Pisces rising.

  • 4 years ago

    what does username mean?

  • 9 years ago

    Meteora - taken from Linkin Park's second album, that time I was a huge fan of them. (I still like them)

    The word itself (Μετέωρα) is Greek and means "suspended rocks" and it's one of the largest complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece. (according to some sources)

    Source(s): Pisces Leo Rising
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