iTunes won't work after computer Restore?

I restored my computer to it's original blank state to get rid of a lot of programs that I didn't use anymore clogging it up.

Now when I connect my iPhone to iTunes it won't let me add or delete songs or anything since it says an iPhone can only be synced with one computer at a time but doesn't know that this is the SAME computer since I restored it.

How can I connect my iPhone to itunes again without having to Sync and ERASE everything on it?

Also I'm use an HP laptop and iPhone 4.


I can't put all my stuff back on after clearing by phone.

All of my music files and audiobooks were cleared from my itunes when I restored the computer.

The files on my phone are all I have now. So if I lose those too I won't have any way to put them back on.

That's why I don't want to re-sync.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Your computer probably deleted the settings and backup for your iPhone, which mean you'll just have to resync it and put all your stuff back on after

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