Bad back pain and 37 weeks preggo?

I keep having this aching back pain but cant tell if my stomache is tightening up and i dont have the pain in my stomache exept a little bit of ache in my lower abdomen. What could this be?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Your body preparing for could be shifting into position.You are far along that your body is preparing for labor...congrats

  • sedlay
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    5 years ago

    This targeted factor occurred to me. I used to be on the first actual day of my thirty seventh week and that night time I started to have affliction just like means of 2am I used to be having plenty of bloody exhibit and mucous. I have been to my OBGYN not more than every week previous and used to be informed I used to be two cm dilated. My husband acquired me to the health center and so they learned I used to be 5cm dialated and the "sharp slicing affliction" used to be the youngster bearing down on my dilating cervix with each and every contraction- whcih humorous sufficient- I used to be slightly feeling any contractions- simply the vaginal strain and agony. By 10:forty two pm the following night time I had my daughter through c-phase and he or she used to be sooo cone-headed the physician even made a remark approximately why my V-V used to be hurting so unhealthy! well success honey. It might be whatever and simply on the grounds that our studies are an identical does not imply its whats going down to you. For you and your toddlers wellbeing, I could absolutely cross in your L&D triage and get looked at. The medical professionals receives a commission for each and every man or woman they deal with in order that they must give up their complaining and stupidity! If I had a role that positioned a few grand in my pocket every week, I'd be treating individuals so much greater- too unhealthy a few medical professionals do not see it that means. Once once more, well success!

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

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  • 9 years ago

    It's normal. Good luck.

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