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HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am writing a Novel or atleast trying to Lol Seriously Check this Out ?

Ok seriously. I want to know your thoughts and maybe you can add to my ideas. I am writing about a spoiled rich girl named Vanity. She is very beautiful and rich. All that changes oneday when her mom kills her dad for having an affair and causing them to go into debt then commits suicide. Vanity's family is hesitant to take her in because they acted as if they were better than the others. All she has is her Red Mercedes benz purchased for her sixteenth birthday by her parents and a load of old clothes. She is used to a certain lifestyle and she desperately wants to keep it up. She is a virgin and all of her friends are having sex for money but she refuses to sell her soul for money. She starts living with her Aunt (mom's sister who was jealous of them) and her cousin who is her age but they are not close at all. She has trouble living by her aunt's rules and her cousin is always stealing her expensive clothes. Eventually she ends up living in her car until she meets a Rich guy. He takes her in and she lives and bonds with him and his young daughter. She is a motherly figure being as though the real mom died in a shooting at her birth. The baby is 2 years old. When he is killed Vanity now has to take care of herself and a small child. The best way she can. This story is about survival on the streets of Washington, DC. Vanity wants to be successful and keep up her luxurious lifestyle without doing things that she doesn't want to do for money....

Any additional ideas guys ? I know I am the writer but a little help would be terrific. Thank You


Helllooo her parents had NOTHING they were on the verge of losing everything and that is why her mom snapped and killed the father HELLO she has nothing she is only 17 years old trying to finish high school

Update 2:

Dad is a drug dealer and Vanity's car is paid for in full. It is all she has left from her parents.

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    Then it is highly unlikely she would end up with custody of a 2 year old she isn't related to. The courts would have social services find the baby a home either in foster care or in a group home. At 17 Vanity would have a hard time with just about everything. Getting a job, getting a room or a place to live, even keeping her car. Insurance on a Benz will be a few hundred (minimum) a month especially for a teen (who they won't insure anyway without an adult). There is also registration and inspection once a year or so for a few hundred dollars. Again without an adult to sign for her, chances are that isn't going to happen.

    Ok now, if she wants to move in with Rich Guy maybe she is 'hired' as a nanny. Even a maid or working in the kitchen, in a live in capacity. That way we won't expect them to get together and the bond between her and the daughter can happen while he is gone most of the time. Perhaps the other nanny was too rough with the child or always put her in the crib and let her cry all day and the nanny cam picked up on Vanity holding and playing with the child so Vanity goes from kitchen help to live in Nanny.

    If he was rich there is also a good chance that his family will fight for custody of the child. When a kid inherits money so do the caregivers. Everyone will want this child.

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    ok, so which you would be able to me you sound slightly repetitive. You stated the way you have been jogging interior the chilly rain three times. We get the ingredient, your jogging homestead and its raining. you dont might desire to maintain announcing it. and you seem giving to plenty counsel too quickly. I even have this situation at the same time as writing. i choose the reader to be attentive to whats occurring so I ensue to continuously smush each and all of the information at the same time. Drag it out a splash longer and make the reader prefer to be attentive to whats occurring. you prefer to grant the "whats going to ensue next" feeling. Dont supply each and all of the information approximately your mom good there and then. Later interior the story the guy might desire to be slumbering and having an exceedingly vivid dream approximately their mothers dying. And awaken crying and sweating and panting. Or lead them to have flash backs at random moments in the event that they seem at something that by surprise reminds this man or woman of their mom. And once you place the only flaw of being human. you're making it appear like this man or woman is something particular, consistent with possibility with particular expertise or something, yet then you definitely say that they have got an previous soul, if their previous, would not they have greater that one flaw, absolutely everyone might whether their no longer previous with particular powers. you will possibly be able to desire to assert "reminding me of my maximum dominent flaw, the flaw of being human" no person's suitable. Plus by potential of previous soul witha one or few flaws does that mean this man or woman is immortal or does it certainly mean that their previous. different that the few re-arrangements I reported its an excellent tale line, it would desire to easily use some business enterprise.

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    Sounds very interesting. Maybe Vanity decides to go to college to better her future and the baby's future as well. Maybe she makes something wonderful of herself and becomes very successful.

    Please help me with my question:


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    So all of her money magically evaporates when her parents die?

    Newsflash: Real life doesn't work like that.

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