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i think someone may have stole my cat?

my kitty went missing a few weeks ago this lady called me and told me she thought she saw him at a yellow house when i got there noone was home and the barn w the cats was locked...i thought i heard my cat meow but couldnt get in there to check:( i left a flier there and its been a day and havent heard anything what should i do?

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    If you don't hear from them keep checking back, they might be gone for the holidays. I wouldn't assume they stole it. If they have the cat at all they may have though it was a stray. If you do talk to them be careful not to imply any accusations. This isn't really a strong lead, try not to get your hopes up.

  • sturms
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    4 years ago

    Make up a flyer with the cat's photo on it, contact quantity, yet keep some thing about the cat back (do not announce it--per chance like the little collar), and shove a flyer below each and each and every door on your construction--that way the purely those who'd contact you're fellow inmates of the construction. someone would declare the cat, and also you may ask very innocently if the cat become microchipped or had any identity on it (a tag) or the different figuring out element (do no longer element out the collar, enable them deliver the collar up). in the experience that they do element out the collar, have them describe it (do not provide any tricks yet you may ask if it become a leather-depending collar with flickers on it, if it become a nylon breakaway collar, etc.--so that they'll ought to describe the collar with out any help from you). in the experience that they could describe the collar, then the cat is likely theirs. If no man or woman responds, take the cat to the vet and spot if it does have a microchip. If no longer, it is continuously a robust theory to have the vet provide the cat a health verify up so that you recognize your cat gained't seize some thing. If the real proprietor asks why it took you see you later or why you took contained in the cat, you may say that it is been raining and the cat become outdoors so that you took it in, you haven't considered any "lost cat" signs and indications round both, and also you've been attempting to make sure the thanks to head about searching for the owner, etc. you haven't stolen the cat until eventually someone pronounces they lost that cat and also you gained't provide it back (then you quite've stolen her). as we communicate, you're only providing a warmth, dry position for her which comes with food and finished centers (like a spa motel).

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    As someone already mentioned, if you are sure it's your cat then contact your local police department and one of the officers can escort you in. It is illegal to steal another persons cat so if this person stole your cat they can be arrested. Maybe you should go back tonight around 5 o' clock and see if there home and talk to them about it. I hope you find your kitty!

    Source(s): Being owned by cats my whole life!
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    This is not really a strong lead. I would go back and try again - do not go to the house alone, you don't know who lives there.

    If you do beleive they stole your cat, get the police involved. If the kitty is microchipped it will be straightforward to see who he belongs to.

    Good luck, and I hope you get your cat back! I would be heartbroken if mine went missing.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Go back

    Cant just let some random bastard steal your kitty and lock him in a barn

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    9 years ago

    Dont go back !!!!!!!!!!!! going back could put u in danger !! Ask ur mom or dad for ideas on what to do . Dont bring friends into it as they could tell the person who might of stolen it . CALL THE POLICE

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    I would check to find some clues about it being stolen, let's not jump to conclusions.

    Then once you find out they did, vigorously knock on their door and let them know how it is, march in and take your cat.

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    Contact the police to escort you to the place to ask.

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