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Can you be in color guard and cheerleading at the same time?

I have done both before. And I love it. Tumbling and tossing flags are my favorite things! If you don't think I can do that or you think it will take way too much time, then Which do you like best? Any other suggestions?

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    of course you can! as long as your classes are separate. color guard is part of band, so you'll get to do parades and stuff, where cheerleading are part of your sports games- totally different events. I was in drill team and choir at the same time all throughout high school and I loved it!

    Source(s): also, cheerleading will probably be considered your PE class, and color guard will be your elective. as long as your taking your required academic classes too, you'll be set! have fun!!!!
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    Certainly! I do gymnastics, Girl Scouts, cheerleading (competitive), and dance. So why can't you do just two? You can! :)

  • 9 years ago

    i like color guard best

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